Resources for Data Visualization

Jose M Sallan 2022-12-15 2 min read

This post is motivated by the reading of cole nussbaumer knaflic’s Storytelling with data. Her book is aimed to visualization and presentation of quantitative data in the business context.

Here is a list of online resources about data visualization, infographics and how to present data-driven content. They are about how to present visual data in an appealing and informative way, in the context of business and media.

I expect to update this post from time to time. Last update was on 1 December 2022.

  • HelpMeViz (Jonathan Schwabish) HelpMeViz is open to anyone who is searching for feedback on their visualization designs. Useful to learn about how to improve your visualizations with all kinds of examples.
  • Storytelling with Data (cole nussbaumer knaflic) The read and listen section of the website provide useful information about visualization with the author’s signature.
  • Eager eyes (Robert Kosara) The site is presently under renovation as a huge amount of contents have been accumulating in 16 years of publishing. Expect useful and fun content on visualization, communication and academic life.
  • VizWiz (Andy Kriebel). A website specialized in visualizations with Tableau software.
  • Perceptual Edge (Stephen Few) A collection of examples on how the author conceives data visualization.
  • Make a Powerful Point (Gavin McMahon) A website about charts, presentations and how to do that with Power Point.
  • The Functional Art (Alberto Cairo) A website presenting insights and book reviews about visualizations in journalism.
  • The Guardian Data Blog Some news reports of The Guardian including its signature visualizations.
  • Junk Charts (Kaiser Fung) A blog focused on the rare topic of critique of visualizations and infographics.
  • WTF Visualizations A tumblr blog presenting bad examples of visualization. Sometimes we can learn knowing what not to do. Open for submissions!


  • Knaflic, C. N. (2015). Storytelling with data: A data visualization guide for business professionals. John Wiley & Sons.